A small selection of projects Squires Planning has undertaken since the company was established in 2019. Remember, our planners have much more experience than what is listed here! **THIS IS A NEW WEBSITE, PROJECTS ARE BEING UPLOADED WEEKLY**
Steyning Neighbourhood Plan

Client: Steyning Parish Council
Local Planning Authority: Horsham

Steyning Parish was part of the neighbourhood planning cluster formerly known as SWAB (Steyning, Wiston, Ashurst & Bramber). This group was preparing a combined plan for the four parishes but it formally de-clustered for a number of reasons on 12 October 2017 under Regulation 12 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). Steyning Parish Council subsequently progressed a plan for their own parish and the parish was designated as a Neighbourhood Plan Area by the South Downs National Park Authority on 23 March 2018 and Horsham District Council on 21 May 2018

Squires Planning were brought onboard in April 2019 to help the appointed Steering Group to progress the plan. Working Groups were formed to look at different topics and prepare evidence. Engagement with the community took several forms and we helped to facilitate a Site Promoter’s Event (as the group were initially considering allocating sites for housing) in May 2019. We prepared a range of documents which supported the plan at Regulation 14 Consultation which was held Sept/Oct 2019. Following this we worked with the Steering Group and Parish Council as they prepared for submission.

We were heavily involved in finalising the submission documents which are linked below for information. Squires Planning prepared the Basic Condition Statement and Consultation Statement. 

The Regulation 16 Consultation took place July-September 2021 and at the time of writing (March 2021) the plan is awaiting examination. Squires Planning continue to advise the Parish Council as the plan progresses towards being made.



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