A small selection of projects Squires Planning has undertaken since the company was established in 2019. Remember, our planners have much more experience than what is listed here! **THIS IS A NEW WEBSITE, PROJECTS ARE BEING UPLOADED WEEKLY**
Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan

Client: Rudgwick Parish Council
Local Planning Authority: Horsham

Rudgwick Parish was designated as a plan area on 26 June 2016, since then Steering Group had been working hard to prepare a neighbourhood plan. Unfortunately, due to uncertainties around planning policy at the local and national level work on the plan stalled in 2019 delaying progress. They did however manage to get to Regulation 14 consultation in January / February 2020. On reviewing the responses to the Regulation 14 consultation it became apparent to the Steering Group that professional support would be required to help them amend the plan and get it to submission. 

Squires Planning were duly instructed in February 2020 to help the Steering Group and we worked with them to amend the plan so that it both responded to comments made and would be robust enough to stand up to scrutiny at examination. The plan was generally made clearer and more legible to a layman. As part of this process, elements of the evidence were also updated to ensure that the policies were adequately justified.

Unfortunately the amount of changes required to the plan meant that the Regulation 14 consultation had to be re-run. That said, by working closely with the Steering Group this was achieved quickly, starting just three months after our instruction, and taking place May-July 2020 at the height of COVID-19 restrictions. We advised on how best to carry out the consultation in line with these restrictions.

Following the Regulation 14 consultation, we again worked with the Steering Group to update the document as required to take the minor comments received into account. In early September 2020, Squires Planning formally made the Regulation 15 submission to Horsham District Council, it comprised the following documents:

The plan successfully passed examination and referendum, and was made on 23 June 2021! We were delighted to have been able to help the Parish Council and community complete the plan making process.



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