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Philip Lewis, the Inspector examining the new Local Plan for Tandridge District, has written to the District Council advising that " things stand, the submitted Plan has a number of significant soundness issues which do not appear capable of being fixed and the point has been reached where a decision needs to be taken as to how the Plan should be progressed."

This latest letter, which sets out his 'Post Hearing Preliminary Conclusions and Advice', follows a two year examination which has delved into a number of legal, procedural and policy matters. The letter highlights that there are outstanding issues surrounding the provision of strategic infrastructure (including the new Garden Community and Gypsy and Traveller sites) and a number of smaller matters relating to soundness. It goes on to point the Council in the direction of withdrawing the plan from Examination. 

This latest set back is both devastating to those who had hoped to have their land designated for development and those who would have seen greater protection for their areas, but is also an opportunity for landowners and other developers who's sites/land/proposals was not supported by the plan submitted for Examination. If you are one of those people do get in touch and we can advise whether this is the right time for you to progress a speculative proposal.

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